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Virtual School Culture Training

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A 1-Day Training on Maintaining Stability, Relationships, and a focus on Social Emotional Learning & Character

Why Show Up Digitally?

  • Relationships MATTER: Perhaps more than ever, we must get creative in how we maintain and strengthen our school relationships. We will put a PRACTICAL focus on how to do this whether your school is going virtual or not.
  • School Safety: Safe schools need an intentional focus on relationships, empathy, and social-emotional skills. This training will lay out a roadmap to be effective and intentional in each of these areas.
  • School Culture & Climate: Learn the most high-leverage, culture-shaping strategies that we have seen implemented across the 2,000 campuses we serve.
  • Whole Child Education: Social-emotional learning and character education are, more than ever, a part of the national conversation in education. This training will inspire and equip you to integrate this work well.
  • Low-Burden, High Impact: Your most precious resource in schools is TIME. Walk away with practical, manageable tools that will improve your school/classroom leadership, equitable pedagogy, and academic engaged time.
  • Purpose: The work of education is harder than it has ever been. This day will provide fuel in the tank to do your job with enthusiasm and joy.

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