PD for ALL Staff That Can be Accessed from Anywhere, At Any Time

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During these challenging times it can be difficult to find quality professional development online that not only provides practical tools that both certified and classified staff find beneficial and useful, BUT also PD that can be done conveniently at your own pace and on your own time.

The On Demand PD is:

  • Broken Down into Bite Sized Modules so educators can fit it into their busy schedules
  • Include strategies that are Low Burden yet have High Impact so they can be implemented with fidelity
  • Provide topics that are relevant to all adults in a school from educators in the classroom to paraprofessionals who work with students on a daily basis so all can utilize this resource
  • In a platform that is easy to use so anyone in the building can simply login and watch the courses from the comforts of their home at anytime

CharacterStrong Culture: Co-Founders John & Houston walk through the "Circles of Culture" model that help us get Clarity, Competence, and Consistency when it comes to creating a school culture focused on safety, wellness, and relationships.

On Demand PD: Dr. Clayton Cook has a PhD in Implementation and Behavioral Science. Modules are added consistently that focus on things like "Stress, Coping, and Resilience" and "Thinking About Behavior Through A Functional Lens." Short videos with practical tools and worksheets built in.

What Does It Cover?

  • Stress, Coping, and Resilience: Cultivating Socially & Emotionally Healthy Educators (11 Modules)
  • Thinking Functionally about Student Behavior (8 Modules)
  • Establish, Maintain, Restore Relationships (5 Modules)
  • Responding to Student Problem Behavior with Empathy (5 Modules)
  • Creating Hospitable Soil Through a Healthy Environment (6 Modules)
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (5 Modules)
  • CharacterStrong Culture Year 1 Model (11 Modules)

“ All the materials are there for you, you can work systematically through the lessons, or pick and choose the ones that we need to be reminded of at that time. The videos allow for reminders to be delivered throughout the year, and to a larger audience than I could support with just our professional learning budget.” - Alicia Jensen, Principal, Washington

Go Deeper: Interested in learning more in different areas? We have tagged our Blogs, Webinars, and Podcast episodes so you can easily take a deeper dive.

Engaging PD, On the Go: Learn from your laptop and participate from your phone. This professional development is relevant, practical, and incredibly flexible to what you need, wherever you need it.

$999/year site license