Do you want to make sure you’re educating the Whole Child but don’t always know what that looks like on a daily basis? Do you struggle to find time and strategies to implement with fidelity the practices that will support the social and emotional needs of your students?

Join us for a two-day training where we will provide best implementation practices, strategies, and ideas to create a school culture where educating the Whole Child is a top priority. Join us and create a school where staff and students WANT to come not just HAVE to come. 

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August 15th & 16th

8:00am to 4:00pm PST Saturday
8:00am to 12:00pm PST Sunday


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CharacterStrong isn't the newest and shiniest toy on the shelf of education, it is the water to quench the thirst of humanity. We aren't just doing this because it is the latest and greatest tool, we are doing this because it is what all people need most right now. - Lacee, Teacher, WA

What Will be Covered?

  • Best Implementation Practices: Learn from leading implementation specialists on what it actually takes to support the social and emotional needs of your students with fidelity and how to get your staff on board with SEL.
  • Leading the Work: Incredible building leaders will share what it takes to influence staff to enthusiastically buy into the work needed to support the Whole Child.  
  • Equity: How do we make sure our practices and efforts are equitable for all students? Hear from experts spearheading this work as to why it’s crucial that we look at all of our practices through the lens of equity.
  • Low-Burden, High Impact: Your most precious resource in school is TIME. Walk away with practical, manageable tools that will improve your school and classroom leadership, equitable pedagogy, and academic engaged time.
  • Purpose: The work of education is harder than it has ever been. These 2 days will provide fuel in the tank to do your job with enthusiasm and joy, and leave knowing that it takes what it takes while equipped to make it happen back in your school and classroom communities. 

"I am a Mental Health Therapist and have worked in schools for over 40 years. I have seen the desperation, decline and hopelessness upfront and personal. This has given me hope that we can help change things." - Georgina, Director of Student Supports

Your Trainers: Houston and John are the co-founders of CharacterStrong and are working with over 2,000 schools internationally to more effectively teach the Whole Child, impact school culture, and cultivate Social Emotional & Character Skills.

 Houston has spoken to over 600 live audiences with a focus on kindness and empathy

John has spent over 10 years as a classroom teacher and 5 years the district level as the administrator for the Whole Child.